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I’ve selected the best transistor radio. With self powering features, they’ll never run out of energy while picking up AM, FM or weather band signals. And with sturdy, water resistant designs, they even can keep working when it’s rainy.

So don’t hesitate. You can’t miss this transistor radio.

Best budget Transistor Radio

Stryker Sr-955hpc 10 Meter Amateur Radio

PC programming makes the SR-955HPC the new industry standard!

The new Stryker SR955HPC was designed from the ground up for excellent all mode performance.

Sony 2 Band Receiver Portable AM & FM Transistor Radio with Large Dial Panel, 3.75” Speaker, Earphone Jack, Carry Strap, Easy Tuner Knob, Headphone Jack & Telescopic Ferrite Bar Swivel Antenna - Battery Powered
Consumer Reviews
  • “It sounds great, easy to use and has good reception.” – Meangene Clayton
  • “Full bass sound and very clear.” – The Grinch
  • “On/off switch and band switch slightly awkward if you have arthritis or other tactile issues.” – sarautu

Sony Icf-f10 Fm/am Two 2 Band Am Fm Portable Battery Transistor Radio

FM / AM two band radio Big speaker – high power output Long battery life (up to 200 hours) Includes earphone jack for discreet listening Includes hand strap for easy carrying Uses 2 D size batteries

Buyers Guide
  • “Sounds great and it also has very good reception for FM.” – rox
  • “Reception of FM and AM stations are good.” – Edmund Cua
  • “And fourth, the radio can be operated only by two “D” batteries; no power cord is included, nor is there a connection for a cord.” – Tim

Kaito AM/FM Radio (Transistor) with Speaker

Tune in with this AM/FM transistor radio with speaker. Uses 2 ”AAA” batteries (not included). Comes with headset and carry strap.

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